Wimbledon Ballot 2018

2018 Wimbledon Tickets

(Kinnoull Tennis Club SCIO registered charity number SC047283)

For entry form and instructions on how to enter the Wimbledon Ballot 2018 see 2018 Wimbledon Ballot instructions

Each year, Kinnoull Tennis Club (‘KTC’) receives an allocation of tickets for Wimbledon tennis tournament.  Our allocation is based upon how many of our members are also registered British Tennis Members and how many of those have actively opted in to the Wimbledon Ballot on the BTM website. This year we have been allocated 7 pairs of tickets as follows:

Day Pair of Tickets £ Cost (for pair)
Monday 2nd July
Tuesday 3rd July
Wednesday 4th July Centre Court £156
Thursday 5th July
Friday 6th July
Saturday 7th July No. 1 Court £156
Sunday 8th July NO PLAY NO PLAY
Monday 9th July


No. 1 Court £172
No. 2 Court £140
Tuesday 10th July
Wednesday 11th July
Thursday 12th July No. 1 Court £118
Friday 13th July Centre Court £340
Saturday 14th July Centre Court £340
Sunday 15th July

We are required by the LTA to hold a fair ballot to offer those tickets to members of the club.  If you would like to enter this ballot, please read the following instructions.

Who Can Apply?

A British Tennis Member (‘BTM’) is eligible for their club’s Ballot if they meet the following criteria.

  • They are an Adult (18+) or Junior (11-17) BTM
  • They hold an active Lite or Team BTM
  • The relevant venue is linked to their BTM record
  • They have opted in to the BTM ballot, with the LTA

Child BTMs (10 and under) are not permitted to enter the BTM venue Ballot.

Some Key Rules that apply to the Ballot

  • All tickets allocated to venues within the BTM Venue Ballot must be distributed in pairs and must not be split between more than one successful BTM. Any successful BTM must use the tickets for themselves with a guest. The guest can be of the successful member’s choosing and does not have to be a BTM, or a member of that venue.
  • Any successful BTM in the BTM Venue Ballot who is under the age of 16 on the date that their BTM Venue Ballot takes place must have permission from a parent/legal guardian to enter the ballot. The parent/legal guardian will also purchase the tickets on their behalf and attend The Championships, Wimbledon, with them.
  • Individuals aged 18 & under require consent from their parent/guardian to sign up to access British Tennis Membership. This consent includes, but is not limited to, access to opting in to the BTM Wimbledon Ballot.
  • A BTM may only be assigned a maximum of one pair of tickets through each individual BTM Venue Ballot.

How to apply?

Complete the form at the end of this document and ensure it has been submitted no later than Friday 13th April.

On your application form, list the dates/courts in order of preference, with the No 1. choice at the top. You don’t need to put them all on your list, just those you are interested in. You must include your BTM number and Junior Members must include their date of birth and the signature of their parent/guardian. When you have completed the form, you can submit it in 3 ways:

  • Email it to steffi.anderson@btinternet.com
  • Print it off and put it up on the tennis club notice board for the attention of Steffi Anderson
  • Print it off and post to Steffi Anderson, 11 Pitcullen Terrace, Perth PH2 7HQ

Details of the KTC Ballot process

The ballot will be overseen by members of the committee. The name of each applicant will be placed in a hat. Names will be drawn at random from the hat. Each person selected, will be allocated the pair of tickets highest on their preference list, as long as those tickets are still available. If none of the tickets on a person’s preference list are available and there are still tickets remaining, then another name will be drawn from the hat, until all the tickets are taken. The ballot will be held no later than Sunday 15th April.