Fixtures and Results

The Summer 2018 Tayside League results can be seen by clicking the links below.

The men’s first team came a close 2nd in the 6-player men’s Doubles League.  Let hope they can win the first division of the 4-player Singles/Doubles League later in the summer!  Our second team are in Division 4 of the doubles league, and Division 2 in the singles/doubles league.

The Ladies’ first team are in Division 3 of the 6-player doubles league.  The second team are playing in the single division 4-person league (so no pressure!). See 4-Player League for results.

The Junior first team have won the First Division and the second team remain comfortably in Division 2.

The Henderson Vase mixed doubles matches start on 12 July.  The first team are aiming to repeat their winning performance of last year in Division 1 , and the second team are playing in Division 3.

Kinnoull also have two ladies’ teams in the Perth & District ladies’ doubles leagues over the summer.  If you are interested in playing for a P&D team, please contact Steffi Anderson.